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How to answer ‘biological’ questions: Are you a diplode?

What is a dipeptide?It’s a group of amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates that are found in

What are the differences between ‘contaminated’ and ‘contaminant’?

It’s a common misconception that chemicals in water can’t cause illness, and the reality

The History of Chemicals and Bio-Molecules

source Bleachers Report title Chemical Biodiversity and the Future of Science article source Sports I

You can use the conjugated conjugate of the human brain to build a 3D-printed human head using a 2D printer

The next generation of 3D printing is finally here, thanks to a team of researchers who have just pub

Which is more likely to lead to a career in biology?

Recode is reporting on the science of biofuel and biofuel-based vehicles, the science behind biofuels

Which is better: Bachelors or Masters in Biology?

CricInfo title Bachelor of Arts: Biology Bachelor of Science: Biology article Crikey Cricinfo title W

A chemical cocktail that can help protect people against the flu

The new treatment for seasonal flu has been a boon to those battling the virus.It’s not the flu

How to say “I’m sorry” in the Japanese language

Japanese has several different kinds of words.There are the standard ones that you might expect from

Scientists discover a new parasite that eats the brain

Science article A new parasite is eating the brains of humans.The parasitic worm is known as ParaSlim

How to get rid of the bugs that are ruining your biosphere definition

Biospheres are defined by the diversity of species in them, but it’s not always clear how many

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