A chemical cocktail that can help protect people against the flu

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The new treatment for seasonal flu has been a boon to those battling the virus.

It’s not the flu shot.

It isn’t even a shot that people need to take every day.

It has been created by a chemical cocktail made by the U.S. government’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The drug, called Atenolol, can be given by injection or taken orally.

It comes with a warning about the potential side effects of the drug and warns that taking it could lead to serious side effects.

When it is administered to people who have the flu, it’s usually taken in small doses.

This time around, AtenOLol is being taken in a pill that is a mix of two other medicines: one that blocks the immune system from attacking the virus and another that blocks an enzyme that produces antibodies against the virus that can make the body attack the bacteria.

In other words, this time around the pills aren’t made by a pharma company, but rather the U-M Medical Center.

They are a mix that’s been approved by the FDA for the treatment of seasonal flu and are being tested in humans.

How it worksScientists have been working on this drug for years.

First, they discovered that a compound called agar, which is a chemical in agar leaves, can block the activity of the enzyme that normally creates antibodies.

Then they discovered a compound in aguardine, which blocks the enzyme responsible for the production of antibodies against influenza.

Now they discovered another compound called taurine, a molecule found in seaweeds, that blocks this enzyme and gives the body a natural defense against the influenza virus.

The combination of agar and taurines was the catalyst for the development of the vaccine.

It was a lot easier to test this new drug than to develop an existing drug.

And because the vaccine is still in the development stage, we can’t tell if it will work.

But if it works, it could save millions of lives each year.

What’s the science behind it?

The most common form of seasonal influenza infection is the flu that causes respiratory illness.

It can be transmitted to people by coughs, sneezes, and other respiratory symptoms.

There are three different types of seasonal strains: H1N1, H3N2, and H7N9.

Each has a different immune response, and the vaccine protects against them all.

The U.F.M. study found that the flu vaccine protects people against most strains of H1Ns, but against a few of the more dangerous H3Ns.

This means the vaccine works against some H1S viruses but not others.

The researchers found that if people get the vaccine and start to get the H3S viruses, the vaccine does not help.

But it does help protect against H7Ns.

What does it mean for people who don’t get the flu?

People who do get the virus can continue to have the illness.

But they can also get other flu-like symptoms that make them more susceptible to other types of influenza, including pneumonia, pneumonia-like illness, and hospitalization.

This is especially true if they have not had a flu shot or if they’ve been exposed to H1s and H3s.

People with the flu who don’t get the full-blown flu should still take their flu shots every year, and doctors will still prescribe antibiotics for them to protect against other types.

But people who do not get the whole flu vaccine can continue taking the other shots they receive.

But the vaccines don’t protect against the H1 flu, which can be deadly to people with weakened immune systems.

How does it work?

Scientists are still trying to understand how the vaccine worked in people who were exposed to a pandemic flu shot that was contaminated with viruses that could cause H1 and H2N1 flu.

We’re still trying, for example, to understand the mechanism of how the antibodies protect against these H1- and H1H-like viruses.

And the vaccines also aren’t working for people exposed to an H1 or H2 pandemic that had already passed through the U., or for people whose immune systems were compromised.

Why does this matter?

The flu shot is the single most important tool people have for protecting themselves against the pandemic.

And if you have the vaccine, the chance that you could catch the flu and get sick is slim.

The U.M.-led study was designed to see if the vaccine did what it was supposed to do.

But, it is still not clear what the vaccine will do if people have been exposed.

Do we need a vaccine?

It is not clear that vaccines are needed.

If you have not gotten a flu vaccine, you should take your regular shots every day and continue to do so until you get a flu-free period.

You can also stay healthy and not


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