Scientists discover a new parasite that eats the brain

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Science article A new parasite is eating the brains of humans.

The parasitic worm is known as ParaSlima, and it is the first parasite that can kill a person from within.

The scientists who discovered the parasite, led by Dr. John K. Fauci of New York University, found that the parasite lives inside the brains.

It’s an entirely new parasite and is a different animal entirely from any known parasite.

Dr. Fausci has spent his career studying the evolutionary history of the parasite.

The researchers were studying the brain of a woman who was in a coma for a year and a half.

They discovered that the parasites are not only able to eat human brain cells, but also to steal them.

They found that a tiny worm that lives inside her brain had a symbiotic relationship with her brain.

The worm, which has a host called ParaLite, is able to attach to the brain’s blood supply.

If that blood supply gets contaminated, the parasite can consume the brain cells and survive.

They then feed off of the nutrients.

In a second experiment, they were able to find that the worm can steal the human brain from inside a patient and transfer the cells to another patient.

Dr Fausic found that when the parasite eats the human cells, the cells start to multiply, and the brain cell mass is reduced to just a few thousand.

But the parasite isn’t done yet.

It is also able to kill the brain tissue of a human, so if it eats that brain tissue, the infection will eventually spread to the surrounding brain tissue.

And if the patient’s brain tissue is contaminated, it can also infect the surrounding tissue.

The new parasite can survive in the blood supply for up to six months and can survive for up from eight weeks to a year.

The worms will also infect other people.

The scientists have identified a new type of brain parasite that is able take advantage of this process.

It also infects human cells and can cause brain tissue to be destroyed.

It’s called the neural parasite, and they are studying this type of parasite to find out if it could cause the brain to become diseased.

It has been known for a long time that brain parasites are harmful, and this is one of the first times that they have been shown to be able to do this.

But they don’t just kill cells, they can also damage brain tissue in the process.

So they have to be really careful to avoid killing other cells as well.

The worms are also able the to live inside people’s brains.

So when the human becomes infected, the worm then becomes part of the brain.

It attaches itself to the human’s brain, and then when the worm eats the cells, it starts to multiply and cause the human to die.

This process of infecting other people is called parasitism.

So they are able to infect people in other ways.

The parasites are also eating human brain tissue and taking advantage of that process to live in people’s bodies.

They can also use that process of parasitism to live outside of people’s body.

The parasite can also survive in water and eat human blood.

So the worms can also go to the sea and eat the blood of other species of fish and dolphins.

And the worm will eat human cells from people who have died and cause brain damage.

So it can infect people and cause a brain infection.

It is a very important finding.

It shows that it is possible for a new kind of parasite that infects humans to infect other animals, which is something that has not been done before.

The parasites are known as brain parasites because they infect a human brain, which can cause some very serious diseases.

But it also shows that we are in the beginning stages of understanding how to prevent this from happening.

This is one step toward a more stable world, and that’s a good thing.


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