How the Carolina Blue Beetle is changing its appearance – video

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A beautiful little beetle that can transform itself into a spectacular new colour, this beautiful and unique beetle has been evolving since its discovery by British botanist and entomologist Sir Paul Eyser in the early 20th century.

Dr Eysers work on the beetles, which are native to North America, was published in the Journal of Herpetology.

They have a beautiful, white and yellow colouration and are extremely fast moving.

This beetle is one of the most beautiful beetles you will ever see.

It is a bit like the white, fluffy petunia in that it can change its appearance in order to keep up with the changing weather.

It is a very good camouflage, so it’s really good for a predator to see the beetle changing colour, and it will change colour when it needs to move.

There is an important distinction between the beetle that is naturally blue and the beetle which has evolved to be a brilliant red colour.

The new beetle has a different structure to the beetle naturally blue, so the white spot in the middle of the beetle is not actually a white spot but a blue spot.

When you look at the new beetle, you will notice that there is a black and white spot, but it’s a much smaller one.

I have seen a number of these beetles that I’ve worked with before and they are very, very, bright.

They look like they are going to be brilliant.

That’s why they’re such a good camouflage and because they are a little bit bigger.

A blue spot in an adult beetle can be as small as a few centimetres, so you need to have a lot of people around you to get them to change their colour.

They change colour very quickly and they move very quickly.

If you go and have a look at a beetle that’s just been in the field for a while, and you’ve seen them in the shade, you can usually see the difference.

You can tell it’s changed colour by looking at the black and the white spots.

You can also see that the female beetle is changing colour when she lays her eggs, so she has a little white patch in her abdomen.

She lays eggs that are just as brightly coloured as the male beetle.

You will see a few of them that are very brightly coloured, but if you have a female beetle laying eggs in a tree, the eggs are very bright.

But if you take a look, it’s much more complicated.

The females are laying in the trees and there is very little sunlight, so they have a dark spot on the abdomen.

The dark spot will go away if the beetle gets too bright.

So you will see some males that have dark spots and some females that have bright spots.

But the females will have darker spots on their abdomens.

Some of the male beetles have very dark spots on the abdomens, and they can change colour quickly and change colour really quickly.

They will lay eggs in very dark places, so if you want to have an adult female beetle that will hatch and change her colour, you need lots of people.

You need to give it a lot more light and lots of space.

You have to give the female beetles lots of food to give her a good chance of surviving.

To make the female larvae grow, the males need to be kept out of the tree for about two weeks.

But it’s important that the males do not have any contact with the females.

So if they get a little contact with them, then it’s very difficult for them to produce eggs, and if they do, the females die.

And once the larvae hatch, they stay in the tree, and the adults need to leave for a few weeks to get food.

But they need a lot less food, because they don’t need to eat as much.

These beetles have an amazing, amazing survival ability.

They are so strong that they will withstand a lot.

If you see them in a field, they are so hard to kill.

In my experience, it is really important that they stay out of trees because they can make a big mess in a forest, so I think they are really valuable.

One of the problems with this beetle is that it has a very bright spot on its abdomen.

If it gets too much sunlight, it will turn white and it won’t change colour, but the beetle will change its colour very rapidly.

So, the beetles that are in the fields are very good for predators to see.

Because they have so many different colour patterns and they change colour so quickly, predators are attracted to them, because it gives them a nice camouflage.

Most predators will just come and take a bite of the beetles when they come into view, and then they will be gone for about a minute.

Another reason that it is a good beetle for predators


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