Which species of algae have the highest rate of CO 2 production?

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A new report from the University of Washington finds that the algae that produces the CO 2 that fuels plants are particularly important for the environment and humans.

It says this species, Benthices dna, is one of the major drivers of the global CO 2 crisis.

The study was published online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“This species produces large amounts of CO2 at the surface of the ocean and contributes to the global warming problem,” said lead author Raul Alvarez, a UW chemistry professor.

“This is a major driver of ocean acidification, which is one major cause of ocean warming.”

The team used a computer model to study how oceanic CO 2 levels have changed since CO 2 was first released into the atmosphere in the late 1800s.

They found that Benthics dna had been rapidly growing in the atmosphere since the 1970s, but had slowed down significantly since 2000.

In 2000, it produced the highest amount of CO to the atmosphere of any of the organisms in the study.

By 2010, it was the second-largest contributor to the atmospheric concentration of CO.

In 2010, the team looked at how this species changed in response to atmospheric CO 2.

They identified a large spike in the amount of algae that the organisms consume and the size of their blooms.

That spike coincided with the rapid growth of a different species, Phyllobates, which has an enzyme that breaks down the carbon-based compound that CO 2 forms into carbonic acid.

The researchers say this enzyme could be one of two things: either the phyllobate itself, or a new enzyme that is producing more of it.

“There are many ways in which CO 2 could have been released,” Alvarez said.

“One way is that CO2 could have released to the ocean.

There is an idea that the ocean absorbs the CO2 and releases it to the air.”

The researchers say that other ways could include the release of CO that the Benthopods use as an energy source.

The authors also say that it’s likely that atmospheric CO2 levels are rising because of global warming.

“We believe that CO02 levels have been rising because CO2 has been released from the oceans and oceans have been absorbing it,” Alvarez told CBC News.

“The reason we think this is the case is because there is a CO2 increase in the upper ocean because of increased CO 2 concentrations.

It’s very likely that the atmospheric CO02 level is increasing because of CO-induced global warming.”

Scientists say that the phytotoxic effect of CO is still not well understood, but they think the new study will help researchers understand how CO2 can interact with other biological processes, including photosynthesis.

The results will also help scientists understand how to control the growth of these algae in order to avoid a massive loss of life in the coming decades.

“What this study has shown is that we need to have a better understanding of how these phytotherapeutic effects interact with the ecosystem and their impacts on the ecosystem,” Alvarez added.


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