“Biological control” could save species in the wild

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A new species of wild, non-caged insect could one day help to prevent the spread of a disease that kills tens of millions of insects worldwide.

The scientific name for this type of insect is the Asian wildcat beetle, but there are actually several different species of the insect.

For instance, there are a few species that are found in tropical areas in South and Southeast Asia, while others are found mostly in the southern and western parts of Asia.

The new species, which is named Phyllostomum plexippus, is a new species in a new family of insect, the Asian black beetles.

The beetles are known to be opportunistic hunters, using their large bodies to pick off smaller insects that try to escape.

This is a great example of a natural pest-control strategy.

“We’ve seen the impact of climate change on species in many different areas, from coral reefs to deserts, but I think this is the first time that we’ve seen an Asian wild cat beetle in its natural habitat,” said Chris Schlosser, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“It is probably one of the largest predatory insects in the world, and we think that it’s an opportunity for us to get some insight into how that might be impacted,” he added.

“This new species is a very exciting find and a real example of what we’ve been trying to do to help reduce biodiversity loss and make sure we’re conserving this wonderful resource.”

The beetle species has been in the scientific literature for more than a decade.

It was first described in 1998, and researchers at the Natural History Museum in London published the first paper describing it in 2010.

In the years since, scientists have been able to collect DNA samples of the beetle and its offspring, and they’ve also been able the to determine how they respond to different types of environmental stresses.

They’ve discovered that the Asian cat beetles have an incredibly high tolerance for certain types of chemicals and are able to survive extremely high temperatures and extreme drought conditions.

They also have an extreme ability to adapt to these environmental stresses and are capable of surviving extreme weather.

Schlossers team found that the beetles are able get along with a wide variety of insects.

“When they’re in a different environment, they don’t get stressed, so they don.

But when they’re under a stress condition, they’re very, very stressed,” he said.

This tolerance has been used to help the beetles adapt to drought conditions, such as in California, where they’ve been observed to survive temperatures of up to 5 degrees Celsius.

“They’re able to withstand these extremes,” said Schlossinger.

“And it’s also something that we can also use in the field,” he continued.

The researchers are currently investigating the ability of the beetles to survive drought conditions in their natural habitat.

In addition to the beetle, the scientists are also studying the effects of drought on the beetles.

In a study published in May, the researchers discovered that, in addition to being able to thrive in extreme drought, the beetles were able to adapt well to the extreme cold temperatures that they would experience.

They are able and survive under the extreme temperature stress by using their body heat to maintain their body temperature and their metabolism.

These adaptations allow them to survive extreme cold.

It also allows them to adapt by utilizing the same heat-regulating mechanisms that are normally present in insects that can survive extreme heat stress, including those that are able heat their bodies to more than 90 degrees Celsius, which can be more than enough to prevent a frostbite.

The research is ongoing, and Schlossings team is currently conducting additional studies to further understand how the beetles manage extreme temperatures.

“These beetles are really very resilient,” said David Wieczorek, a biological ecologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

“The fact that they’re able survive in extreme conditions and then, in extreme temperatures, adapt, and have the ability to survive those conditions, it’s really remarkable,” he told ABC News.

“I think this discovery opens up new opportunities to help scientists to understand how insects manage extreme environmental stress and how these environmental stressors may affect their behavior and their survival.”


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