‘Haploid’ definition for bs students raises fears

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Students at a private school in California are worried they will be required to take tests that will test whether they have a “Haplo-type” or “Sino-type”.

The school, Cal State Northridge, said it was “working to provide clarity” to parents about what they need to know to be confident about the tests.

The tests, called the Bio-Habitable Examinations, are designed to give students the opportunity to have their DNA tested at the same time as a student’s genetic material.

The tests are designed specifically for berserkers who are known to be more aggressive than others.

The new policy was brought in by the California Department of Education after the deaths of two students at the school in February, including the first student killed at the end of last year.

The school said it has a number of safeguards in place to protect students from such risks.

However, parents in the state are now concerned that the test may actually have a discriminatory effect.

“They’re not even testing to see if they have an Sino- or Haplo gene, they’re testing for the presence of a Haploid gene,” said Lisa Lee, a parent of a high school student who has tested positive.

“What do you do if you have a Sino gene?

Do you test for it?”

The new test is currently available in two forms, one for students at Cal State, and another for students who are at the Cal State San Bernardino campus.

The Bio-Haploids test was not made available to students in the former state of California, nor were the tests available to those who are now in the latter state.

The Bio Habitable tests have been criticised as biased against berserker students.

Some parents, however, have expressed reservations about the way the tests are being administered.

California is one of only two states that does not require tests for bernie-type blood.

At least five of the six tests currently available are in California.

A recent report by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) said the tests should be compulsory for students to ensure that they are not carrying a Haemophilus influenzae type b strain.

However, the California State Board of Education is currently considering an amendment to the state constitution that would require the state’s public schools to offer the tests, which could lead to students being forced to take them.


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