How to help your kids grow up to become scientists and engineers: ‘This is a huge opportunity’

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What if your kids were to take a biology test and be rejected? 

What if your kid didn’t pass the test, but still ended up graduating high school and becoming a scientist or engineer? 

Or, what if your child ended up being the next in line to be an astronaut? 

These are just a few of the ideas that were put forward during a special conference held at the University of Southern California on Thursday, September 14. 

“It’s going to be a huge learning opportunity for our kids,” said Dr. Scott Wiebe, director of the Institute for Neuroscience and the Brain.

“It’ll be a very exciting time.

The questions are going to get asked and the answers will get generated.

And it’ll be the opportunity for them to explore and develop a lot of their own interests and interests in science, and technology.” 

The event was co-sponsored by the California Department of Education and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. 

At the conference, Dr. Wiebbe spoke about how scientists have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world.

“The problem is the lack of resources.

There is a lack of scientific education, and in many cases, there is a stigma attached to science,” said Wiebsom.

“Science has a great power, but if we don’t put a little bit of money in, if we can’t afford to do that research, we will have to look elsewhere for that opportunity.” 

In the event, Drs.

Scott, Robert and Amy Wiebes were joined by a number of others who had been involved in various fields of science and engineering. 

The group also spoke about what it means to be involved in science in general and science in particular. 

Dr. Robert Wiebing, the first director of UCSF, described the role of science in the lives and careers of scientists and engineering professionals as the “biggest opportunity for people” in this country. 

“[The opportunity to have] a science degree is] a big thing for us,” said Robert.

“Because the idea of going into engineering and doing something you’re passionate about and being a scientist, and working with those people, and doing what you want to do and being able to make that a career, that’s a big opportunity for the people that come out of science.” 

“The idea of being a part of this amazing field that I think is really important to this country, is one that is very important to the entire country,” said Amy Wigemann.

“So, if there’s an opportunity that we can make it, I think that’s huge for our country and it’s also a great opportunity for my family and for our children.” 

While it’s easy to forget that a biology exam is only a first step in becoming a science teacher, Dr Wiebin said that there is plenty of value in having that first step taken.

“If you can go back to kindergarten and ask yourself, why am I doing this?

Why am I going to the college?

Why is it that I’m going to school?

You’re going to want to answer those questions,” said the neuroscientist.

“If you look at what happened to the Chinese people, they learned the most from the science.

And what I’m hoping to do for my kids is show them that it’s possible.” 

So what are your thoughts on the conference?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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