How to use ‘Bioethics’ to make ‘biological ethics’ relevant to reproductive biology

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Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Reproductive Health and Biomedical Research, Rebecca Maclean is exploring how to use biological ethics to help reproductive biology and human biology.

Professor Maclean has been involved in the field of reproductive biology for almost a decade, first as a researcher and then as an academic advisor, and has been studying the issues surrounding reproductive biology as a doctoral student at the School of Biological Sciences at the Australian National University.

Professor Mclean is the author of Bioethics: A New Approach to Reproductive Ethics, published by Springer Australia in 2015, and the forthcoming The Biological Ethical Life Cycle: A Guide for Reproductivists and Society.

She has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from reproductive biology, to the human condition, to our understanding of the ethical implications of biotechnology and biotechnology-associated research, and is currently completing a PhD on the ethics of animal experimentation.

Professor MacDonald spoke with ABC News about her research, her role as a biopsychologist, and why she believes the field is ripe for new thinking.

Q: Why is the field ripe for a rethink?

Professor Maclean: It is really fascinating to me.

It’s an area that has been largely ignored for a long time, but is a fascinating one.

In the UK, it’s been really interesting, particularly the last decade, because of the work being done in the U.S.A. and the U, and it’s getting a lot of attention from the academic world.

There’s a lot to do.


How would you use the field to make reproductive ethics relevant to human biology?

A: I would probably start by saying, look, reproductive biology is a science.

It is an area of human biology that’s really very important.

The question is, what are the ethics?

That’s a very interesting question.

There are a number of questions that I think are very important, but the question that I want to start with is, how do you use that knowledge to make this ethical in the context of the reproductive field?

Q: What would you call the ethical ethical situation in a biotechnology or bioprinting facility?


If it’s an ethical situation where there’s something happening in an organism that it shouldn’t be, and you don’t want that organism to continue on, that is, that organism shouldn’t reproduce, that would be a problem.

It would be immoral, and would probably be unethical, as well.

The ethical problem is the moral hazard that it poses to the organism and to the person that’s being treated.

Q.: But if it’s done in a medical facility?

A: It’s very difficult to define, but if it is done in medical facilities, I think that would definitely be unethical.

I think it would be unethical to have that organism be exposed to another organism that has a different function than what it’s being used for.

I don’t think that’s something that’s ethical.

Q:(Laughs) Is it a case of what you think is ethically permissible, or ethically inappropriate?

A.: Well, there’s a line that you just crossed in the law, which is that there’s no difference between the organism that you are treating and another organism, and that would seem to be the answer to that question.

But it’s not.

There is a difference.

It depends on the circumstances.

It could be that you’re treating someone who is not an ethical patient, who’s being subjected to a medical procedure that is not of their choosing.

That’s also not ethically acceptable.

Q.(Laughs) And is it possible to say that this is something that should not be done in an ethical environment?


I mean, it would depend on what you’re talking about.

If you were trying to treat someone who’s sick, it wouldn’t be ethical.

If the organism is an organ, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a human organ, or it shouldn.

You could treat an organ.

I mean a person can die and still have a living organism in their body, so there’s nothing unethical about that.

It doesn’t change the fact that you can’t be treating the person with a living entity.


But if you’re trying to save a person’s life, or prevent them from dying, it could be ethical, and if the organism isn’t being used in that way, it shouldn?


There’s the problem of the person who’s in the room, so if you could be in that room, you could do it, but I think there’s an important distinction that needs to be made.

If we were talking about, say, an organ transplant, that wouldn’t necessarily be unethical because you could save that person’s organs.

But if we were looking at an embryo in the womb, then it would.

Q.(Laughs). A: Yeah,


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