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What we know about the ‘Big Bang’ and how it’s changing biology

A year ago, it was reported that the most powerful star in the universe was the most massive star eve

‘Haploid’ definition for bs students raises fears

Students at a private school in California are worried they will be required to take tests that will

Which is better for your body? evolution or biology?

The answer is evolution and biology.So which is better?Evolution or biology, that is the question pos

“Biological control” could save species in the wild

A new species of wild, non-caged insect could one day help to prevent the spread of a disease that ki

When an antibiotic kills bacteria, it kills more than 100 million people

SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICS The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new antibiotic called

How did the first black scientists change the world?

The story of the first white biologists in the Americas is one of change.This is the story of how the

The best and worst science news for 2016

The best science news is out there and it can help you make informed decisions on where to invest you

How to save your baby’s future by getting rid of the plastic bottles: New study

AP article A new study shows that removing the plastic bag from baby bottles can help reduce childhoo

Organic compound can help cure blindness, Alzheimer’s disease

By DAVID BURRINGER | Associated Press The compound called polysaccharides can be made from carbon, wa

The biological sex of an organism

The biological male or female sex is the dominant trait of an animal and is the biological form that

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