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Energy is a crucial ingredient in the lives of billions of people around the world, and as such, the world is awash in it.

However, despite its ubiquitous nature, energy usage has never been simple.

To better understand how humans are using energy and how to reduce it, a team of researchers led by Prof John Wojcicki of the University of Nottingham and Professor John O’Brien of the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at the University (UEA) have developed an efficient, reliable and secure method to calculate and analyse energy consumption.

They call it the “biological clock”.

In their paper published in the journal Nature Energy, the researchers explain how they developed a method for analysing energy usage using a new, “biomarker-based approach” that uses “a biological clock to track a person’s consumption of a particular energy source.”

It can then provide an estimate of energy consumption by the person and allow the researchers to better understand what’s causing energy consumption to go up or down.

This is the second paper in a series published by the researchers that focuses on measuring the energy use of human populations.

In a previous paper, they examined the relationship between the consumption of fossil fuels and the growth of CO2.

The new method, developed with the help of a team from the University’s Department of Geography, Energy and Environment, also uses a new method for identifying the energy sources used in a country.

This allows the researchers a better understanding of how energy use is related to the country’s climate, energy demand and how the energy industry is affected by climate change.

The researchers believe that the “clock” will be useful for many other energy consumption measurements and for improving understanding of energy production, consumption and use around the globe.

Dr John Wodcickis co-author on the paper, from the School Of Earth, Atmospheric and Environment: Department of Geo, Earth and Environment in the University.

Dr Wojcikis co, lead author on the Nature Energy paper, and the University professor who has developed the technique.

Dr John O’s paper, published in Nature Energy.

The researchers say that they’ve used the method to determine the energy used by 1.8 billion people in the US, more than one billion in China, 1.5 billion in Brazil, 1 billion in the UK and about 1.3 billion in India.

They found that people use energy at a rate of about 4,500 kWh per person per day.

This means that the energy in our daily lives accounts for about 8 per cent of total energy use worldwide.

This makes the “Biological Clock” a useful tool for measuring energy consumption, because it is not dependent on specific energy sources or types of energy.

The team says the method can also be used to measure other aspects of people’s lifestyles.

For example, the method could be used for measuring how much money people are spending, their health, the amount of food they eat and the amount they exercise.

In their first paper, the team developed a biological clock that can be used as a general indicator of energy use.

However the new method can be particularly useful for measuring the amount and frequency of use of particular energy sources.

Dr O’s new paper uses a “Biotic Clock” that can also estimate energy use in countries with a history of CO1 emissions.

The “Biodic Clock” is an energy measurement device that uses a variety of factors to determine a person is consuming energy in their daily life.

They measure how many calories they eat, how much they use for heating and cooling, the level of exercise they engage in, how often they go for a walk and whether they have a family.

The clock also takes into account the amount a person uses for social activities.

The measurement is also highly reliable.

The time the device is set to calibrate is always within the required range.

The system can also determine whether the clock is calibrated within the prescribed range.

The scientists say that by measuring energy use, they can “track the impact of CO 2 emissions on human societies.”

This means they can measure whether CO2 emissions have impacted the human population.

The first paper in the series uses the “Energy Clock” to measure energy use by 1 billion people.

However Dr Woj’s method can “calibrate” the clock to accurately estimate how much energy is being consumed by a person.

Dr Gert Jan van den Berg, an associate professor in the Department of Energy and the Environment at UEA, explains: “This technique is particularly useful when we are trying to assess the effect of CO emission on human populations and to better determine the impacts of climate change on the global economy.”

Dr WodCickis said: “The ‘biodic clock’ is a great tool for people in developing countries and could be of great use for monitoring energy consumption in developed countries.

We can use this method to better measure the energy consumption of our own communities.”


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