How to explain the rise of a new political cult in America

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By Jennifer Jacobs, CNNMoneyThe cult of Donald Trump has made itself at home in a post-truth era, with a focus on facts over emotion.

But there’s one cult that’s been making a comeback in the US: the biological determinist movement.

Read moreA cult, in this context, is a group that is dominated by a charismatic leader or leaderless movement, and they believe they’re doing something good.

In this cult, we have the belief that our genes are responsible for our physical and mental health, and we have a genetic predisposition to a certain amount of good in our life.

For this reason, the belief in the biological imperative is so strong that the more people believe in it, the stronger the group’s support system.

“There is a genetic imperative to be successful, to be happy, and to be healthy,” says Steven Novella, a psychology professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

“And the more they believe that, the more it strengthens their belief in that, and then that’s just a natural outcome.”

The resurgence of the genetic determinism movement has been fueled by Trump, who has repeatedly made claims that he’s inherited his success from his parents, his grandparents and a great-great-grandfather.

He has used this belief to fuel a backlash against immigrants, minorities and people who are “not white.”

The movement has also gained ground in America’s inner cities, where it’s led to a resurgence of drug-related violence and a renewed focus on policing.

“The idea that genes are destiny and destiny is not a new idea.

It’s a fundamental tenet of science,” says Paul Crouch, the chief scientific officer at the National Center for Science Education.

This belief in a fundamental law of nature has gained currency as a result of Trump’s rise, with the president himself tweeting his support for the idea in February.

Trump has made the claim that “your genes determine who you are” and has even created a “Dilbert” meme.

While many of his supporters have been quick to point out that genetics is a complex topic and that there’s plenty of disagreement about its veracity, Novellas says there are at least two factors at work.

First, he says, genetics has become an increasingly prominent topic in science fiction, with many of the major science fiction writers now focusing on the concept.

And the rise in this movement is not limited to the science fiction community.

The second factor is that Trump has used the biological imperatives of his followers to gain support.

In particular, he has cited a series of events in the United States that have been attributed to his genes.

For example, he’s repeatedly cited a study published in 2005 in the Journal of the American Medical Association that found that a person’s height has an effect on their likelihood of developing certain cancers, including cancer of the lung and colon.

The study’s authors, Dr. Richard L. Schwartz and Dr. Steven A. Schwartz, found that taller people had more cancer cases than shorter people.

The most recent example of Trump using genetics to further his political cause is his recent decision to nominate Betsy DeVos as his education secretary, a nominee who has advocated the use of the National Endowment for the Arts to “make our arts accessible to all students.”

DeVos, the daughter of the late Betsy DeVos, is the wife of former US President Donald Trump, a decision that prompted the biological determination movement to rise.

“Betsy DeVos is a brilliant choice for Education Secretary, she is committed to making America a nation of students first, and she’s a natural fit for President Trump,” the movement’s president, David B. Givens, said in a statement after DeVos was nominated.

“We are grateful for her dedication to public service and her commitment to protecting our children and our children’s future.

We look forward to her serving alongside the president and his Cabinet in their roles.”

Givens and Novello both point out the political nature of the movement, which is aimed at overturning the political system and returning power to the people.

“It is a movement for the sake of the people and a movement that is not just about the president,” Novelli says.

“It is also about the people, about their right to know what their government is doing and to know that their government has their best interests at heart.”

But is the movement a cult?


It is a new phenomenon in American politics,” says Noveellas.

“There are people in the movement that are deeply committed to that cause, and some of those people have been very successful in their careers.”

I think the most interesting thing about the biological necessity movement is that it’s not a cult.

It’s not about the idea that all of us are the same.

It really is about people who feel they are in a position to make a difference and are really working to do that,” Novesellas says.


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