How to talk about a brain-eating disease, but keep it to the doctor

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A study published in The Lancet on Wednesday suggests that people with brain-disease-like symptoms should be referred to a neurologist or psychiatrist.

The study looked at data from 1,000 people, who were recruited from various medical centers across the United Kingdom.

The researchers found that the vast majority of those diagnosed with a brain illness were in a group with an increased risk of having an MRI or CT scan, a test that allows researchers to examine the brain.

In other words, the brain was “firing up,” the study’s lead author Dr. Daniel F. O’Connor said.

Dr. O”Connor is an expert in neurodegenerative disorders and has been working to identify ways to prevent brain damage from a wide range of diseases.

He has developed techniques that are already being used to detect brain damage in people with traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease, among other conditions.

This study looked to identify the most common neurodegenative disorders, like Huntington’s, that may be associated with increased risk for MRI and CT scans.

Dr O’ Connor said he was surprised that the number of people with these brain conditions was so high.

He said the study is important because the brain is not only the seat of our consciousness, but it’s also the seat for the brain cells that govern our body and are responsible for regulating our moods and emotions.

Dr F O’Nell said the research will lead to new therapies to treat neurological disorders.

She said that it’s important to think about brain damage as a disease, not as a mental disorder, and to keep it within the confines of a doctor’s practice.

For the study, the researchers looked at MRI and PET scans, as well as CT scans from patients with brain injuries, who also had other symptoms.

The results are preliminary and the researchers are not sure if the risk of MRI or PET scans is higher for people with neurological disorders than people without neurological disorders, Dr O”CConnor said in a statement.

It was found that about one in five people with a neurological disorder were diagnosed with brain damage, while one in four had no MRI or scan history.

People with brain problems also had higher risk of an MRI, while people without brain problems had lower risk, the study found.

The authors said that the study was the first to compare MRI and other tests with CT scans, in order to identify potential brain damage or symptoms, and determine whether it was caused by brain damage.

“It’s important that people who are at high risk for brain damage get their CT scan results done, because they can help the neurologists identify brain damage,” Dr O”Connor said, adding that they should not be overlooked.

The findings are important because neurodegening conditions like Huntington and Alzheimer are often associated with brain injury, the authors added.

Dr, F O”Nell noted that while the study does not prove that MRI or other brain scans are linked to a diagnosis of a brain disease, it did show that people had increased risk.

“In terms of risk, there’s not much difference between MRI and the MRI that you get when you have brain injury,” she said.

“But it is clear that people have an increased number of MRI scans, even if they don’t have a history of a neurologic condition.”

The study also found that people suffering from other neurological disorders also had an increased amount of brain scans.

People who had a history or increased number and severity of other neurological conditions had a higher risk for having an MRIs or CT scans of their brains.

For example, people with epilepsy and Huntington’s had a high rate of MRI and a higher rate of CT scans in comparison to healthy people, Dr FO”Nel said.

There were no differences in risk for the two types of scans for the study.

It’s unclear whether this increase in MRI scans is because people with more serious neurodegeners have more MRI scans or that people without neurodegens are more likely to have MRI scans.

The National Institute for Health Research has released guidelines for MRI scanning.

Those guidelines recommend that the images be taken at least 10 to 20 minutes apart, and that people should be screened for neurologic disease before MRI scans are done.

For more on this story, listen to the CBC’s The Current on Wednesday.


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