The mystery of the ‘chicken soup’ protein that makes your meat so tender

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By Laura Jansen This article was originally published on April 5, 2019.

The mystery of ‘chickpea’ protein protein that gives beef its tenderness and taste has baffled scientists for years.

The protein, which was first discovered in a paper by an Australian university in 2007, has since been discovered in the meat of wild chickens.

Scientists have spent decades trying to explain how the protein makes chicken so tender.

Chicken meat is traditionally prepared with a chicken broth, which is then dried in a dehydrator to give it a sticky texture.

While it is widely used in the food industry, the chicken broth can also be made into a broth using chicken stock, which has a higher protein content.

But in 2011, a paper was published in Science that demonstrated the protein is found in chicken broth.

“The chicken broth has been known since the 1800s as a key ingredient in chicken-based cooking.

In this study, we demonstrated that the chicken soup contains the chicken protein,” Dr Michael MacLellan, of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, said in a statement.

He said the discovery was important because it showed that the protein was still widely used, even though it was not known how it was made.

Since the discovery, the scientists have been trying to find a way to extract the protein from chicken broth using different techniques.

The first method involved cooking chicken broth with a catalyst, which would make it easier to remove the chicken proteins.

But a second method involved using a flame-retardant coating, which caused the chicken to cook too quickly.

Dr MacLampan said the new study showed that it was possible to remove any of the chicken meat protein from a chicken soup without using a catalyst.

“The method we used here removes the chicken, leaving the proteins intact, but this means it would be possible to extract a fraction of the protein that was present in the chicken,” he said.

However, he said that extracting the protein with a flame retardant coating was much more expensive and difficult to do.

Instead, Dr MacLamps team has developed a second, more efficient and simpler way to remove chicken broth from chicken.

In this new study, they used a catalyst to break down the chicken.

The catalyst that is used in this study was specifically made for the extraction of the non-enzymatic protein in chicken.

Dr Maclamps team says the method removes almost 100% of the total protein.

And Dr MacLabans team has now been able to use this method to extract almost 90% of chicken broth in a single batch.

That is because the catalyst breaks down the nonenzymactic protein in the broth, allowing the team to extract it using only water.

Dr Maclampan, who is also a researcher at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in Sydney, said the next step would be to look into how this catalyst works in chickens and how it could be used to extract other non-protein components of chicken.

“If we can find a catalyst that works with chickens, we could eventually extract all of the proteins from the chicken and use that as a basis for further processing,” he told ABC News. ______


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