What are the most basic biological processes?

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An article published in The Hindu on Sunday has asked whether it is proper to say that all living things have a gene or a DNA molecule.

According to the article, the article is a response to an article published on Sunday in Nature Communications entitled What are DNA molecules and the basic processes of life?

The article is authored by Professor N.M. Kishore of the University of California, San Diego, and Dr. Anupama K. Ramakrishnan of the National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB).

The article is entitled “A Gene or a Dna?” and it aims to answer two questions.

Firstly, whether the DNA molecule has an essential biological function.

Secondly, does it contain a chemical or physical property that has the capacity to transform the DNA into other chemical and physical properties.

Kishore, Ramakumar and the article’s authors are not against DNA being a molecule of life.

They just want to clarify that we are not dealing with life on a molecular level.

They say that this is the first article on a topic which has attracted attention in scientific journals and has generated some controversy.

Krishore and Ramakanthan argue that the existence of a DNA-based molecule is in itself not a new concept.

“It was long believed that DNA is an ancient organic compound which has the same chemical properties as RNA, the ancient DNA molecule,” they wrote in the article.

According the article by the authors, DNA has a functional role in protein folding and repair, the generation of genetic material and its modification for use in life.

“These are essential processes of the genome.

DNA is also the chemical base of proteins.

DNA itself is not a molecule,” the authors say.

They say that in modern life, the existence or absence of DNA does not depend on any specific biological function of the molecule.

“There are no specific processes which are responsible for the creation of life or life on earth,” they say.

This is because DNA, the molecule, is the physical basis of living things.

It is the building block for all proteins, which are the building blocks of living organisms.

The DNA molecule is the basis of life itself, which is a physical, chemical and biological substance.

This means that, “a DNA molecule does not have a specific function but is a building block of life and a substance of which it is the substance.”

What makes DNA a molecule?

According to Professor Kishor, a molecule can be described as a collection of atoms, molecules and their constituent atoms.

In other words, a biological molecule is a collection or sum of atoms.

A molecule is said to be “a molecule of matter”, “a biological molecule” or “a living substance”.

A DNA molecule, the paper argues, is a substance which contains a genetic information.

The genetic information is an organic information which has been converted into chemical and other properties.

“We call it a DNA information because it is information about the structure of living organism which is stored in DNA,” it says.

This DNA information is a “gene” and is the basic biological information.

This DNA information, Kishores argument goes, is not an information stored in an organic molecule.

Rather, it is a chemical compound and has an “essential biological function”.

DNA molecules, in the paper, do not have any function in biological systems.

“This means that the DNA molecules do not contain chemical or other properties that transform the nucleotide or DNA molecule into other nucleic acid or DNA sequences,” the article states.

In addition, DNA molecules have the capacity of being transformed into other types of molecules.

The article states that “DNA molecules can be used to create other kinds of molecules such as RNA and proteins”.

The authors say that if the idea of a molecular molecule is not correct, then “one can say that a DNA sequence is not DNA.”

The article says that DNA sequences, in fact, are a DNA product.

“DNA sequences can be modified in a number of ways, including modification by chemical processes such as mutagenesis, DNA-RNA hybridisation and RNA polymerase enzyme activity, in order to produce a new and different sequence of DNA,” the paper states.

“However, the DNA sequences are not made by nature, but are a product of chemical processes.

The chemical reactions that occur during chemical reactions are called catalytic and chemical reactions.

These catalytic reactions are important in the functioning of living processes.”

How do molecules get to be DNA?

According the authors of the paper that has sparked controversy, it was not until the late 19th century that the term DNA was coined and it was then that the concept of DNA was first established.

According to the authors’ argument, DNA is a product and cannot be manufactured.”DNA molecules are not the product of natural processes such a mutagenic, DNA polymerase activity or a catalytic DNA polymerases activity.

These processes are chemical reactions which are called


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