When the game goes to overtime, what are the rules?

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It was an unusual moment in the first half of the Juventus-Barcelona match on Thursday, with both teams fighting to a goalless draw in the Nou Camp.

As the half wore on, however, a little extra drama started to develop between the two.

The game went to overtime after a free kick was saved by Neymar, but the Barcelona midfielder was onside when the ball broke loose, setting up the eventual winner for Barcelona. 

But the scoreline was different, with the Catalans scoring four goals in just five minutes, with Messi’s equaliser the decisive one. 

The result gave Barcelona a 1-0 lead at half-time and led to a lot of speculation in the press.

Some questioned whether the refereeing was fair, and if the game would be abandoned because of the penalty, or whether the two teams would have to face each other in extra time.

However, after a short discussion, the game was officially suspended, meaning Barcelona were forced to face Barcelona in extra-time, with extra time due to kick-off at 2:30pm local time (3:30 GMT).

“The match will be played in extra period on Saturday. “

The two teams are allowed to play in the match as a result of the suspension.” 

“The match will be played in extra period on Saturday.

The result of Saturday’s game will be decided at 5pm CET.””

The players are all very happy and are looking forward to the upcoming games.

The refereeing of the match will take place on Saturday.”

In the meantime, Barcelona are now left to play on Sunday against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.


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