You don’t have to have a PhD to find out what the word means (and it’s not all in English)

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By Dr. Brian Dunning (ScienceDaily)I have a doctorate in biology and I was asked to do a paper on what the biological magnification is.

I had to go through a bit of an exercise, because I had never heard of the word, before, so I went to Google and searched for it.

The first result I saw was a video on YouTube that talked about the biological scale, which was about a thousand times bigger than what the dictionary definition of the term would be.

So, I decided to take a look at the Wikipedia entry on the word.

Then I clicked on the link to see what the article on the same word would say.

Turns out, the Wikipedia article doesn’t say anything about the word biological magnification.

The dictionary definition says the word refers to the magnification of light by the eye.

So the Wikipedia definition of “biological microscope” actually says that the magnification is not about the size of the lens but about the magnification by the human eye.

I’m not sure if that’s the word that they mean by “bio microscope,” but it’s probably not, as it’s very vague and it could be meaning something else.

The Wikipedia article also says that “biodiversity is often called biodiversity by its own, non-specific scientific term, and by a general scientific term which refers to biodiversity as a whole.

I do not consider the term biodiversity to be a synonym for biological magnification, since this is an example of a scientific term.”

It goes on to say that “the term is commonly used in the scientific literature to describe a group of organisms with similar features, traits, or functions, such as the coral reef, which are all known to have the same physical characteristics, traits or functions.”

So, this may not be the word they mean.

It might be more of a generic term that refers to something different.

This is all in line with my previous post, which I wrote about the term “biophysics,” and I wrote that it refers to a wide variety of scientific terms and scientific research projects.

This post has been updated to clarify that the term biological magnification refers to biological phenomena in general.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in more scientific research to read this post and try to understand the scientific definition of a term.

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