How to fix your own immigration: the new breed of ‘honeybadger’

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A new breed has emerged of immigrants who have successfully navigated the US immigration system to stay in the country.

The ‘hive mind’ of migrants has become the norm, with some claiming the system is not fair to them, with others saying it is the best option.

The new breed is called ‘brain-hive’ and it has been growing fast.

It was the subject of a documentary series on US TV and has been labelled a ‘happening’ by one of the producers, Michael Whelan.

The documentary series was produced by the New Yorker magazine, which said it was an ‘unprecedented exploration of the hive mind’ and ‘one of the most important subjects on television’.

Mr Whelin said it is a way for migrants to understand how to get around the US.

“This is a highly skilled group, the most highly skilled and the most intelligent in the world,” he said.

“And they are also the ones who are trying to change it, to create a better future for themselves, for their families and the nation.”

The idea is to show how they are changing the country.

“Mr Wheilan said he wanted to ‘show the people who are working so hard for so long to the people in the hive brain who they are’.”

It’s about their stories,” he told the New York Times.”

How are they doing?

What are they learning?

How do they feel about the system?

“The programme follows the story of two immigrants who came to the US in 2009 and changed everything.

The first is a man who arrived with his wife and two young children from Afghanistan and settled in Florida.

The second is a refugee from the Philippines, who moved to the United States in 2014 and settled here with his two children.

The programme is part of a wider investigation by New Yorker writer Michael Oreskes, who is exploring the social and political underpinnings of the new immigration.

Mr Wheman told the Times: “I think there’s something really cool about the hive mindset.

It’s not just about getting in, getting in as a person.

“It can also be about how you change your mind about how to move around the country, about how the system treats you, about the politics of it.”

Mr Oreske told the paper: “The hive mind is not just a person’s mindset, it’s the way that you work through things, the way you deal with people.”

What you’re saying to people is, ‘We’re in this together.

Let’s work through it’.

“The ABC understands the pilot was filmed in Washington DC and has since been pulled from air.

It is not known if the programme has a future in the US, but Mr Whelann says it will continue to be made.



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