‘It’s the way it was meant to be’: Science teacher says she was sexually assaulted by fellow teacher

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LOS ANGELES — A California teacher who was forced to resign after he was accused of having sex with a student he knew for months was stunned by the response of other educators in the state.

The state Department of Education has released a statement Thursday saying the case involving Matthew Voorhees was brought under investigation in August, but the department has no additional details about the nature of the allegations.

The district announced Thursday that the state will investigate Voorheyes’ behavior, which included having sex without her consent with a female student and having inappropriate touching by a teacher, which occurred in the school cafeteria, cafeteria and outside.

He resigned in August after the investigation was completed.

“It’s very shocking and very upsetting that a teacher who is respected and beloved in his community would be exposed like this, especially given his many accomplishments and accomplishments in science, mathematics and science teaching,” said Barbara Rinaldi, who chairs the district’s board of education.

Rinaldi said she has asked that Voorhys sexual misconduct case be closed, citing a lack of evidence.

The statement from the state Department for Education says the investigation of Voorhemes alleged behavior did not result in any disciplinary action or an allegation of discrimination, and it was not the subject of an investigation by the California Commission on Human Rights.

It is the case that I can assure you that the California Department of Family and Protective Services (CDPHS) has conducted a thorough investigation of this matter and the findings of that investigation have been made public,” the statement said.”

However, we do not have any additional information at this time about the alleged conduct of the teacher in this matter, nor have we provided additional information about the teacher’s position within the district or any other alleged misconduct of this nature by this teacher.

“The department did not provide further details about Voorhoys allegations.

It’s unclear whether the investigation will lead to charges.


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