How the UK government is wasting its money on wildlife conservation

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By Andrew O’BrienThe conservation biologist is a professor at the University of Oxford, but her research is focussed on how a British government policy that has been around for more than two decades is actually wasting billions of pounds on the extinction of rare species.

Her research has shown that there is a huge amount of funding that goes to funding of research for biodiversity conservation.

The Government’s new strategy for funding research for conservation of biodiversity will see this funding slashed by half.

It is estimated that between 2018 and 2026, the UK will lose an estimated £20bn, the majority of which is for research on the threat posed by invasive species.

This is in addition to £10bn that is already lost to research, according to a recent Government analysis.

The problem is that these species are already disappearing, and we are not doing anything to stop it.

That’s the view of Dr Sarah Jones, who is a conservation biologist at Oxford and has published many of her work on the topic.

Dr Jones said: “The Government has been telling us for the past 20 years that it is prioritising research on biodiversity, but we have not done enough to protect the world’s biodiversity.”

There are over 20,000 species that are threatened by extinction in the UK alone.

“It is simply not true that we are prioritising species that could be endangered in the future, or species that might be at risk of extinction in future.”

We are prioritizing research on extinction, but there is no way to stop this from happeningDr Jones has published work that shows how a government policy has actually had a huge impact on biodiversity loss, particularly in areas where people live.

Dr Sarah Jones is a lecturer in conservation biology at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Studies, University of London.

The Department of Environment and Rural Affairs has said that the funding cut would save around £1.5bn a year.

But that is only if you take the £20 billion figure into account.

There are billions more that would be saved if you had the money invested in research on conservation.

This has not been shown to be true, and it has been shown that funding for conservation has been consistently cut in the past.

Dr James Watson, who works on the Global Biodiversity Institute at Oxford, told The Independent: “Research on biodiversity is already going backwards.

It is already being funded at an extremely low rate, and in some areas of the world it is already very low.”

Dr Jones also points to the fact that the Government is prioritizing the research on invasive species over protecting endangered species, which are the ones that we have lost in the first place.

It has been estimated that there are around 6,000 invasive species in the world, and the vast majority of them are introduced by humans.

This means that we will have a problem in the near future, and as we lose biodiversity to invasive species, we are likely to lose species to other species that have already evolved and adapted to the environment and other people that have moved into our areas.

We cannot rely on the UK Government to protect species like the Asian carp that were introduced into the UK and now are the most invasive species that the UK has ever seen, she said.

We need to have the funding to protect these species and to have research that shows the benefits of biodiversity conservation, she added.

The Government says it will be using the new funding to support the creation of the UK’s National Biosecurity Strategy.

Dr Watson said: ‘The strategy will provide funding for projects aimed at preventing invasive species from invading the UK, but it will also have an impact on how we manage invasive species to keep them under control.’

The government has also said that it will allocate around £2bn for research to save the life of the rare species that would otherwise be lost to extinction.

The strategy is expected to create new areas of research to support biodiversity conservation in the years to come, which will be funded by a combination of funds from the Natural Environment Research Council, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Development and other sources.

The funding will be made available in a number of areas, including by increasing research funding for endangered species.

The Office for National Statistics says that the conservation of rare plants and animals, including rare species, is valued at over £8 billion annually.

The new strategy will also be a key part of a broader strategy that aims to save biodiversity by improving the resilience of habitats to environmental change.

This includes the creation and development of the National Biasecurity Strategic Plan, which is expected in 2019.

Dr Smith added: ‘We need the UK to invest in its own conservation programmes to help protect our natural environments, which would in turn help to conserve species.’

Dr Jones agreed, saying: ‘It’s not just species that we should be protecting.

We need to be conserving the habitats that we’re living in to make sure that we don’t lose species, and our habitats will be protected.’

The report comes as the Government’s proposed budget for 2018-2021 has


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