How to make collagen in the lab

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By making collagen, scientists can make synthetic, biocompatible materials for use in biomedicine and biomedical research.

The collagen is a flexible, flexible protein that bonds together the proteins of the skin, and it can be applied to skin to help prevent damage caused by sun exposure.

It is made from keratin, a hard-wearing protein that provides structural strength to skin.

The skin cells are made from a gel-like material called collagen.

These cells are the ones that make the collagen that coats the body.

The gel- like material is made up of amino acids and polymers that give it strength.

The collagen is also made up mostly of water, which makes it water soluble.

The researchers at the Center for Advanced Nanotechnology (CANT) in Italy discovered how to make the material by using a polymer called collagen acetate that has been engineered to break down into its components.

When the researchers add a polymer such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) to the collagen, the polymer breaks down into smaller molecules that can then be extracted by a bioreactor and used in the process.

To make the gel-shaped material, the researchers combined a mixture of different types of polymers to create different molecules.

They were able to get the molecules to form a gel that was about 50% water and 50% glycerol, a type of water-soluble polymer.

The team says this type of gel-forming process is a step toward creating a flexible material that can be used in biomedical research and manufacturing.

This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

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