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Juventus beat Napoli 3-1

By Luca Tulli article Juventus beat Roma 3-0 at the San Siro.The Bianconeri moved into third place in

How to become a scientist with the most ‘discoveries’

What is biology?In a nutshell, it’s the science of living things.You might think that the word

How to save a dollar by reducing your food waste

We spend more than $6 billion per year on food, yet only $3 billion goes to the environment, accordin

An introduction to the hybrid definition biology of the homeostasis bioregional science

The first generation of molecular biologists has become known as the “hybrid biologists.”

How to recognise the difference between a ‘caveman’ and a ‘sicko’

The term ‘cavesman’ was coined by scientists to describe the condition of having a very l

How to use a camera app for camping without using a smartphone

The best way to get a good night’s sleep, and some of the best ways to make your tent and tent

How a video game could explain our genes

BioShock Infinite has an incredible amount of content in its video game.The game’s campaign has

What’s behind the latest bioinformatics research?

In the US, the federal government has awarded $7.7m to start a project to study how cells can use pla

How to tell if you’re at risk for homozygosity

Homozygous is the term for a trait that appears in both males and females.This can include traits tha

How to get rid of the bugs that are ruining your biosphere definition

Biospheres are defined by the diversity of species in them, but it’s not always clear how many

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