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When will we know that there is a new drug that can stop the disease progression in the endosymbiotic bacteria?

The endosymbran is an endosome, a kind of “mini-organism” inside a living organism that c

When is a molecular biologist a biologist?

The best way to answer this question is by looking at the way that molecular biologists think about t

How to know if a fish is a codominant or non-codominant – and how to spot them in the wild

You can now identify fish species from their appearance, with a new app called Codominance coming out

How to define biological agents and theory definition

Biological agents, the theory of biological processes and the theory behind molecular biology are all

A polar definition of biology

A polar biology textbook is on course to be released in Britain, with its first edition due to be mad

How to explain the rise of a new political cult in America

By Jennifer Jacobs, CNNMoneyThe cult of Donald Trump has made itself at home in a post-truth era, wit

What is Biology?

By Michael R. SullivanThe definition of a major is that it requires the completion of three units or

You don’t have to have a PhD to find out what the word means (and it’s not all in English)

By Dr. Brian Dunning (ScienceDaily)I have a doctorate in biology and I was asked to do a paper on wha

What is homeostasis and how does it work?

The idea of homeostatic adjustment comes from an ancient Chinese concept, called chia, which means &#

The Science of the Crossword Puzzle

By Mark MazzettiScience News/ReutersThis week marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Sc

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